Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For all you soon-to-be-brides!

I decided to act like an "almost" bride today, and start looking through some wedding blogs.  Even though my wedding is over and done with, I still love looking at what's going and on and what's out there so that I can maybe help future brides and give them some inspiration!

Anyway, while on my travels today, I came across I blog I WISH I had known about when I was getting married!  It's called Once Wed and MAN do they have some awesome ideas.  They have everything from Real Wedding Inspiration to DIY ideas; but I think my favourite section was the Used Wedding Dresses.  This part gives girls the opportunity to post their dresses after their wedding, and for others to buy designer dresses at a fraction of the cost!!!

How do I know this to be true? Possibly because my very same wedding dress was posted on there for $600!!!!! And I can guarantee I did NOT pay that price for mine :)  If only I had known sooner. BUT ... now you know! I think having the opportunity to buy a designer, once-used wedding dress (in normal people sizes, mind you) is a great opportunity. You can save yourself so much money and then put it towards other areas in your wedding that are lacking in the budget area.

Here are some of my fave dresses with the retail price AND the sale price!

What's your fave?

Eugenia Couture Drop Waist

Ideal for a night on the dance floor
Street size: 6
Dress size: 10
Original Price: $3800.00
Asking Price: $1500.00

That's $2300.00 in savings!!

Nicole Miller HG0013

A perfect beach wedding dress!
Street/Dress size: 8
Original Price: $1760.00
Asking Price: $1400.00

I think savings of $360.00 for a dress with tags still on is great!

Pronovias - Telma

This beautiful, champagne colour dress is perfect for someone who wants a dress of sheer elegance...and for a price that is the ultimate steal!

Street size: 12
Dress size: 10
Original Price: $1800.00
Asking Price: $350.00

Maybe I'm stating the obvious, people, but you'd be saving yourself $1450.00!! How could you go wrong?

And for those of you who have a larger dress budget, but still want to save, may I introduce you to the Monique Lhuillier Miracle.  It is a miracle, indeed.

Monique Lhuillier - Miracle

Street/Dress size: 2
Original Price: $17,750
Asking Price: $13,350
Savings: $4400.00

For those of you with a budget for Say Yes to the Dress, maybe you should be saying YES to this dress!

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