Friday, March 16, 2012

25 weeks in Mexico

Two weeks ago, Matt and I had the great opportunity to travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to relax in the sand and sun, and marvel in the fact that we were on our Babymoon - celebrating one of the last vacations we will have kid-less.

Although we don't have many pictures from our trip (we misplaced our camera charger), we were able to get some pictures done by a friend at the resort to document our time together, as well as my pregnancy.

Seeing that I haven't posted belly pics in quite some time, I thought some of you might enjoy these. Although I am currently 27 weeks (and bigger now than I was two weeks ago), this is me at 25 weeks.

Let me know what you think!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Say Adios! to dry lips with Thursday Plantation's Tea Tree Lip Balm

Canadian winters are so unpredictable. Right now, it's -11 degrees outside, and according to my Weather Network app, it's going to be a scorching +21 degrees on Thursday. If that doesn't mess with your body, I don't know what will!

If you're anything like me, the winter does a number on my skin, from my hands to my feet, and my arms to legs, everything is dry.  But nothing compares to the damage the winter air does to my lips every season. Dry, cracked and flaky would be the three best words to describe how winter consistently treats my lips.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I was given a new product to try by a friend called Tea Tree Lip Balm by Thursday Plantation.  Growing up, I always knew about the power of tea tree oil, as my mom was a huge promoter (and still is) of Melaleuca products and melaleuca oil (tea tree oil comes from the melaleuca plant). But as a child, I obviously knew best and knew that something so smelly could NOT be good for you, so therefore I only used it when forced. Thankfully, I don't find the smell to be too strong at all anymore, and I have come to my senses and realized that the saying "Mother knows best" is true.

The Tea Tree Lip Balm has been a HUGE saving grace to my lips this winter. They have gone from dull and dry, to luscious and soft. The healing properties of tea tree oil are just unreal. And the easy to apply tube is great, as you can apply as much or as little lip balm as you'd like, without getting a gross, caked on feeling.

And the results are (almost) instantaneous. With just one or two applications, my lips feel soft and smooth, and are no longer chapped.

One of the things that is so great about the Tea Tree Lip Balm, is that it is free of synthetic parabens, petrochemicals, lauryl sulphates, polysorbates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives and synthetic colours. Although I don't know what half of those things are, I'm glad I'm not putting them on my lips! And it is only $6.00. Definitely a small price to pay for the investment you are making to your lips! Trust me, your lips will thank you!

Thursday Plantation also has a great line up of other personal products, from acne wash to lice shampoo, insect repellant to toothpaste and mouthwash, all the way to antiseptics and dog shampoo! I can't wait to try some of their face wash!

For more information, check out and then visit or Whole Foods to make your purchase!

As always, I love your comments and would love to hear about your winter skin care survival secrets. As well, let me know what Thursday Plantation products you try for yourself!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Goodbye, Joe. Parting is such sweet sorrow

I have this bad habit. I like to hold on to things - like, for a really long time. For some odd reason, and for as long as I can remember, I have found that I become attached to things and have a hard time giving them away.

Yes, I am one of those people who still has their grade six grammar pages and grade 12 biology and data management notes because, someday, I just might need them. I still have a Winnie the Pooh, styrofoam nameplate my best friend Kristine gave to me in grade five when I moved away to Waterloo, and a snow globe from NYC that a friend gave to me in high school.  For whatever reason, I get attached to them and feel as though they represent a special part of my life, therefore making it near impossible for me to get rid of anything.

This is also true for me when it comes to cars. Years ago when my dad traded in his Ford Expedition for a brand new (beautiful, might I add) Dodge Ram 2500 diesel, I cried. When the time came for the Dodge to be traded in for a Chrysler 300 ... I cried. And when it was time to say goodbye to our lovely Ford Windstar and hello to a 1999 Toyota Camry, once again ... yep you guessed it ... I cried. For me, cars represent different times in my life, and for whatever reason, I get extremely attached to them.

So I knew I was in for it when it was time to say goodbye to my 2000 Mazda Protege, named Joe, this Wednesday.

Joe was a great friend. Here he is displayed in all his dust, rust and glory. I bought Joe four years ago and he was probably one of the best investments I have ever made.

He was with me through 3 years of school, 3/4 of my dating relationship with Matt, my marriage, many shopping and leisure trips to Toronto, Buffalo and numerous other destinations, and was there for me whenever I needed him.  At the end of his life, he had 238,889 km on him. But with consistent car repairs, unknown strange noises and a new baby on the way, it was time to say goodbye.

So it was then our adventure began, or you could say Journey, as we searched and searched for a new car. We knew we needed an SUV, as we needed something with space for Hank, as well as something with towing capacity and room to move film equipment around. That was when we set our eyes on the Dodge Journey, the #1 selling cross-over vehicle in Canada.

We found our soon-to-be vehicle at Bustard Chrysler in Waterloo, and after a month of debate (and it still being on the lot!), we decided to make the biggest (so far) purchase of our life, and we couldn't be happier. Our new-to-us 2010 Dodge Journey R/T edition is everything we ever needed AND wanted in a vehicle, right down to the heated leather seats, sunroof and back-up camera, just to name a few.

I also want to give a big shout out to Derek Killins at Bustard Chrysler. He was with us all along the way, when we were unsure about buying it, all the way to our big purchase. The service he provided us was wonderful, and if anyone is looking for someone to purchase a car from, Derek is your man. (Just tell him Matt & Jacqueline sent you!)

The day I went to pick up the car, he took me through and introduced me to the entire staff, including Bill Bustard. Everyone there is super friendly and once again, exceptional service.

I won't lie, I felt like the biggest traitor handing my keys over to Derek and officially saying goodbye to Joe. He was a great friend, and even though we have been blessed with an AMAZING new car, I will still miss Joe.  Believe it or not though, there were no tears this time, just a bittersweet feeling as I said goodbye to a good companion.

All of that being said, I LOVE driving my new Journey!!

Now to find a new name for it!