Thursday, December 22, 2011

25 Before 25 UPDATE

With the news of our new little “Ninababy” on the way, I figured a few of my 25 before 25 goals were going to have to change slightly. So below I’ve added my new goals, with the originals in brackets beside it. Here’s to new goals, aspirations and stepping out of my comfort zone!

1. Learn how to sew

2. Make a quilt - once I know how to sew :)
3. Get in shape
4. Attend a triathlon to cheer on someone else (Train for (and hopefully complete) a triathlon - Thank you Susan Dunk for inspiring me!) - I realize I could probably still do this, but I know that I won't. Don't want to work with false expectations!
5. Go on a tropical vacation (Visit Australia)
6. Host a successful event (Bungee jump somewhere exotic ie. Australia)
7. Knit a unique baby blanket for our new baby! (Travel to Ireland)
8. Knit & finish a baby blanket - No, no, no ... not for myself. For a friend!
9. Be featured in the media - ie. magazine, newspaper, TV, etc.
10. Make my own pie crust
11. Make damask pillow covers
12. Get a "Big Person's" job ie. a full time PR/Communications job
13. Get rid of my debt
14. Get 1000 followers on Twitter
15. Train Hank to become a nursing home dog - or at least have him in the process of becoming one
16. Travel somewhere cool bLearn how to ride a motorcycle)
17. Spend New Years doing something interesting & fun! (NYC for New Years!)
18. Buy a new car (Surf - while in Australia)
19. Have two+ of my press releases published
20. Learn how to make pesto
21. Create a fabulous, culinary meal with a crazy, fancy name
22. Reupholster our kitchen chairs
23. Finish watching all of the seasons of LOST (Go snowboarding at least five times this winter - and become really good at it)
24. Go on a spontaneous, yet semi-planned, road trip
25. See a Cirque de Soleil performance

What are some of the goals on YOUR bucket list/New Years Resolutions for 2012?

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