Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bigger & Bigger - Week 17

Not much to say this week! Although, I do feel like my belly grew over night. And people are noticing!

So excited for January 23rd when we can find out what this little munchkin is going to be!

Here are a few pics of the belly! The cool lights in the background are the CN Tower. We thought it was a nice touch!


  1. Your belly and my belly look about the same right now. Thanks a lot, Turtles ice cream.

    Nonetheless, love you my little lamb - the baby, not your jacqueline

    xo Auntie Jess

  2. Ahaha that Turtles Ice Cream is all on you my dear! Can't say that's been on my cravings list yet!

    Thanks for the comment Auntie Jess :)