Thursday, August 25, 2011

My 25 Before 25 Bucket List

In approximately 439 days 10,548 hours, I will be turning 25. Yes, I can see how it might seem like it is a long ways away, but in actuality, I know it will be there before I know it.  

It made me start to think, what have I done with my life thus far? 

Yes, I know I have accomplished a lot, but I want to make sure I'm living my life purposefully, not be default.

That being said, I decided to come up with a 25 Things I Want to do Before I'm 25 list. It's basically a bucket list, but I didn't want to call it that as I don't plan on dying by the age of 25! 

But what better way to stay accountable and make sure I actually do it by tracking it with my blog?

So here is my list. As I complete them, I'll cross them off, and do my best to write a little blog about what happened each time.  If you think of something I should add to my list, (realistically speaking!) let me know :)

I realize that some may sound lame to you, and some may sound absolutely impossible, but for me there is usually a reason behind each one. 

I'll be honest, I'm actually freaking out as I write this, knowing that all of cyberspace will know my goals and whether or not I reach them. But better this than having them on some list that gets lost in my purse, and never knowing if I ever achieved what I was aiming for!

25 Things I Want to do Before I'm 25

1. Learn how to sew
2. Make a quilt - once I know how to sew :)
3. Get in shape
4. Train for (and hopefully complete) a triathlon - Thank you Susan Dunk for inspiring me! 
5. Visit Australia
6. Bungee jump somewhere exotic ie. Australia 
7. Travel to Ireland
8. Knit & finish a baby blanket - No, no, no ... not for myself. For a friend!
9. Be featured in the media - ie. magazine, newspaper, TV, etc.
10. Make my own pie crust
11. Make damask pillow covers
12. Get a "Big Person's" job ie. a full time PR/Communications job
13. Get rid of my debt
14. Get 1000 followers on Twitter
15. Train Hank to become a nursing home dog - or at least have him in the process of becoming one
16. Learn how to ride a motorcycle
17. NYC for New Years!
18. Surf - while in Australia
19. Have two+ of my press releases published
20. Learn how to make pesto
21. Create a fabulous, culinary meal with a crazy, fancy name
22. Reupholster our kitchen chairs
23. Go snowboarding at least five times this winter - and become really good at it
24. Go on a spontaneous, yet semi-planned, road trip
25. See a Cirque de Soleil performance

Well there you have it! A little daunting, but I think I can do it :)
Wish me luck!

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